Monthly Archives: August 2015


Well, it’s been a long time coming, and I’ve drug my heels too long on it. But my days as a customer of, A Small Orange, and DirectI are all coming to a close. I’ve been fairly happy with all three over the years, but with ASO’s move out of Durham to Austin, running out of podcast episode storage space at, and wanting a more “one stop shop” that’s a little more user-friendly on the DNS/domain side of things, I’m putting these eggs into a consolidated, more manageable basket.

Well, a lot of pain and frustration and learning and re-learning WordPress administration, some false starts, some “no that can’t really be how multisite works, what?” and some very, very late nights.

There might be some mess, but NCSFF is already migrated over and I’ve already done a test migration of The AudioBookaneers to work out some of the kinks. Bull Spec and Carolina Book Beat will be next, though both will be more complicated for various reasons. (Bull Spec has quite a lot more media to migrate, and Carolina Book Beat has 13 GB of podcasts to move. Whew. Get out the heavy lifter.)

I’m still using Google for GMail hosting, both and, and getting some “hold” over my email address proliferation over the years is also in order, but that’s going to be a more complicated process, and one I’m not going to touch with a 10-foot pole for a while.

One migration at a time.

out of the dark

you can have your cathedral
and your bazaar;
real work gets done
in a cave.

This was the motto I came up with for back in 1997, when thinking of the kind of programmer and writer I was. I don’t do the ivory tower, though I can put on a robe and code cleric with the best of them, and have for 15 years in a full-time, professional capacity. I don’t particularly do the community thing, either; I tend to pick up an idea and go poke on it for a while, alone, and see what I think of it, what I can do with it. Into the cave, and then: back out of the dark.